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20 Funny Dedications

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Stephen Fry,The Liar

1. To President Woodrow Wilson, from his only Vice.

– Dedication inVice President Tom Marshall’s memoir

2.Hi Dad! *waves*

–Kiera Cass,The Selection

3. I should be remiss, indeed, if I failed to acknowledge my indebtedness to the People’s Bank ofBridgeport, the Connecticut Lightand Power Co., the New England Telephone Co., Sears Roebuck,Casey Fuel, the West Redding Market, the Internal Revenue Department, and another creditorwhose name is Morris H. Legion. The total is$17,886.05. Hi, Fellows!

– Carl Winston, How to Turn a Million into a Shoestring

4.”To my daughter Leonora, without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time.”

– P. G. Wodehouse, The Heart of a Goof

5. To my wife Marganit and my children Ella Rose and Daniel Adam without whom this book would have been completed two years earlier.

– Joseph J. Rotman, An…

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Why Earthquakes in Idaho are Ultra-Spiritual

My homage and parody for His Enlightenedness, Ultra Spiritual JP Sears.

Recent earthquakes in Idaho have proven that the Earth has a spirit and it’s really upset. Science has proven the Earth has a spirit it is called Gaia, and it is ultra-spiritual.  Like all spiritual beings it has to be realigned from time to time.

Here some facts that prove my hypotheses, or is it a theory, or my philosophy? Anyway are here are some facts Idaho people:

Idaho is the 43rd state and it became a state in 1890.  This weekend they have had 80 earthquakes in 3 days, you do the math I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Because earthquakes don’t happen on other planets then logic dictates the earthquakes must be happening on our planet because humans are here.

potato-wcertified-logo_medium.png__1920x1920_q85_subsampling-2Why are there so many earthquakes in Idaho?   Because Idaho grows potatoes and potatoes have carbs.  Carbs are bad for you and bad for the earth.  Also Idaho has cattle and cows.  This non-vegan lifestyle is why the Earth is rejecting Idaho.


Maybe the Earth has diabetes.  Instead of drilling things out of the Earth we need to pump insulin into the Earth to even out the Earths’ keystones.


Even though recent earthquakes in Idaho are caused because of potato farming, other states have violated Gaia by fracking.  Fracking is only okay if it is consensual.  I think Gaia said no, and no means no, not yes.

The best earthquakes are probably in California and that’s because California is in need of spiritual healing unlike Idaho who just needs to go on a diet and live superficial lives.


Even though we are destroying the Earth we are also trying to get off the Earth and go to other planets. This is sending Gaia mixed messages and that’s why she’s reacting so poorly.  The Earth is actually co-depend it hurts her feelings when we try to leave.



So to sum up.

Idaho stop fracking and eating carbs.  If you do that you’ll have less earthquakes.


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Why do you need to fail ?


This is something that always keeps me motivated no matter how bad my day has been. Life is going to be cruel at times..it is going to knock you down real bad..bitter truth, isn’t it? We will encounter failures more often than we’ll encounter success..we’ll have to see sadness and despair again and again and again. BUT, just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean you’ll fail in everything !

How I deal with failures ?

I mourn over it for two days or maybe three. Then I move on. I never let it stay with me for more than 3 days.

When life hits you hard, hit back harder !

IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS- Each one of us has different calibre and different potentials. Thinking that achieving the same goal in the same time with the same approach is vague. Unacceptable. Unrealistic.

For example- Take the five fingers in…

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Who is Stetson Roundy?

The Contingent Cast of .Com Cowboy:

Ateam cast.jpg


Why I wanted Luke Hemsworth to play the role of Stetson Roundy?


Who is Stetson Roundy: Atypical cowboy from Wyoming but he hides it well.  With a college degree in business and 10 years’ experience running his father’s cattle ranch he does know a thing or two and solves problem with good old horse sense, humor and strong belief in people.  Stetson has lived off the grid for most of his life and doesn’t know a lot about technology.  Stetson hasn’t had much exposure to mass media and the LA culture.

Think Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies sitcom and self-help guru Tony Robins.

You really can’t cast Stetson Roundy without thinking about the Beth Comstock character.  There will be a cold detente between these two characters in season one and then they will warm up to each other.

Luke has an impressive resume:

Luke Hemsworth is known for his work on Infini (2015), Kill Me Three Times (2014) and The Anomaly (2014). Of course you can’t help but mention that his is the older brother of Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth.

Other actors that are still in the running:



Jesse Bradford


Kip Pardue


Matt Lanter


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Why Iceland is Ultra Spiritual

Script proposal and homage for His Enlightenedness, Ultra Spiritual JP Sears



I recently learned the hottest vacation spot is actually the coldest, I’m talking about Iceland. See what I just did there, very clever.  Not only can you visit Iceland but everyone on the planet has either gone there or is planning a trip to Iceland.  According to the internet, travel to Iceland has increased 30 percent each year since 2002. 

In fact, before 2002, Iceland hadn’t even been discovered. That’s what is so exciting about Iceland, it’s the last place to be discovered in the world.

Global visitors to Iceland.jpg

Here are some reasons why Iceland is the best place to visit before it gets to trendy and is overrun by tourist.

First there is ice.  You can’t get ice in places like Hawaii or Arizona.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay PackersIceland was established by Vikings and there’s really no other place to see Vikings unless you’re in Minnesota. 





Iceland has impressive majestic views that can help you get in touch with your inner Viking. 




 There is literally no other place to get views like this other than Iceland.


You can’t see waterfalls like this anywhere else.


You can’t see whales like this anywhere else.


And you can’t see the Northern Lights anywhere near the equator and that makes Iceland the only place to see the Northern Lights.

I do have one fact to correct that I saw on a website about Iceland.  I think it undisputed that ice caves only exist in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  I think the Iceland travel bureau went a bit too far in photoshoping their ice caves.


I think the ice caves in Iceland really look like this.  Good luck Luke, use the force.


Iceland has volcanos. You can get volcanos and ice in the same sentence without thinking about Iceland and volcanos.


Iceland is an island. With global warming there really aren’t that many islands left, so you should book your travel soon before it’s gone.  In fact, Gillian’s Island is now gone because of global warning.

Iceland is really the most beautiful place on earth. 


Other places like Africa and Asia don’t have diverse geography like Iceland.

The most important part of any culture is the food.  Iceland has new and unusual foods that are culturally diverse and equally offensive to most Americans.  A real win win for Iceland.

Sure you can get food almost any ware if you have money, but I can’t walk into a grocery store in America and get Iceland food!


Next time you’re in a supermarket ask the meat department if they have sheep’s head.  Good luck buddy, it isn’t not going to happen.  Only in Iceland can you be grossed out by a sheep’s head on your plate. 

And that makes you a better person.

There are literally no other places on earth where you can experience diverse foods like the food in Iceland.

One interesting fact about Iceland other than in 2010 Iceland banned strip clubs, is that HBO’s Game of Thrones did all of their filming in Iceland.  

The reason is simple, Iceland has White Walkers and that’s why HBO came to film here.  CGI ice people are really too expensive to create.   HBO can’t afford that level of production value for an insignificant series like Game of Thrones.


The most important reason to go to Iceland is to feel superior to others that haven’t gone to Iceland. Bragging to your friends about your trip to Iceland will make you feel better about yourself.  Iceland is not just a vacation spot it is a movement.  A lot of young and trendy people are going to Iceland and if you’re not one of those, then it is my responsibility to make your feel bad about that.


In fact the motto of the Iceland Travel Bureau is:  If we build it people will come. And if you don’t come to Iceland you’re a loser.




asian-tigerThe second most important reason to go to Iceland is that mosquitoes do not exist in Iceland.





I hope you have fun on your trip to Iceland and I hope you tell me all about it. 


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Realistic Thinking: Change Your Mindset — Jay Colby

We’ve all have had conversations with ourselves about if our dreams are realistic or are we somewhere in the clouds thinking we can ever achieve them. This is usually when what I like to call the “maybe thoughts” creep into our mind. Then we start thinking things like “maybe I should have a backup plan […]

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Can Praise Set You Up to For Failure?


Why is the right kind of praise so important?

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Developmental Psychologist and Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck. Her research indicates that too much praise can make your child fear failure or not work hard enough, and she suggests it’s better to praise effort such as “hard work” or “strategy” and not genetic attributes like intelligence.

 mindsetDweck has closely looked at the impact of praise, specifically the type of praise that learners receive. Her research has shown that praise linked to reassuring learners about their intelligence or talent is detrimental to their view about their abilities. It reinforces (fixed mindset) ideas that their achievements are a consequence of IQ or other finite innate ability. In Dweck’s work it led to students worrying that future tests might reveal their shortcomings, and that challenges were to be avoided as, again, struggling demonstrated that they weren’t really as smart as their teachers had believed.  Dweck’s research has demonstrated the importance of praise that recognizes effort. Praise that acknowledges process related activities such as practice, study, persistence and good strategies are proven to instill and develop a growth mindset in learners.


Dweck believes the best managers are those with a growth mindset — those who believe in their ability to change and a conviction that learning it the way forward.

Organizations can have fixed mindsets, too — and in the war for talent, those that do are losing out on great people, said Huysse. As Dweck pointed out, trusting in the value of hard work and effort is not just a stronger predictor of success, but a much more powerful motivator.

“A fixed mindset doesn’t tell you what to do next,” said Dweck. “It provides no recipe for recovering from failures,” which makes it tough to take on new challenges where stumbling is possible or even likely.

At the core of a growth mindset on talent is neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to reorganize itself with learning. It requires not just working at what you know, but pushing past into areas that stretch your knowledge and skills. A favorite quote of Dweck’s: “Anyone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”


Mindsets are transmitted in an organization through a shared understanding of what’s valued: being right or being open to learning. “We are very tuned in to messages about what will make people like and admire us. We’re wired to pick this up,” said Dweck. Praise for intelligence instead of praise for effort sends the wrong message. People who are praised for being smart “don’t want to risk their newly minted genius status,” and that fosters static, rigid organizations. Praise for effort keeps people engaged and willing to work hard.

 Try this:

  • Instead of “person praise” (e.g., “You are creative”), offer “process praise”:
  • Praise the strategy (e.g., “You found a really good way to do it.”)
  • Praise with specificity (e.g., “You seem to really understand fractions.”)
  • Praise effort (e.g., “I can tell you’ve been practicing.”)
  • Keep it real: Don’t say, “Good job!” when it’s not.

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