Why do you need to fail ?


This is something that always keeps me motivated no matter how bad my day has been. Life is going to be cruel at times..it is going to knock you down real bad..bitter truth, isn’t it? We will encounter failures more often than we’ll encounter success..we’ll have to see sadness and despair again and again and again. BUT, just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean you’ll fail in everything !

How I deal with failures ?

I mourn over it for two days or maybe three. Then I move on. I never let it stay with me for more than 3 days.

When life hits you hard, hit back harder !

IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS- Each one of us has different calibre and different potentials. Thinking that achieving the same goal in the same time with the same approach is vague. Unacceptable. Unrealistic.

For example- Take the five fingers in…

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Who is Stetson Roundy?

The Contingent Cast of .Com Cowboy:

Ateam cast.jpg


Why I wanted Luke Hemsworth to play the role of Stetson Roundy?


Who is Stetson Roundy: Atypical cowboy from Wyoming but he hides it well.  With a college degree in business and 10 years’ experience running his father’s cattle ranch he does know a thing or two and solves problem with good old horse sense, humor and strong belief in people.  Stetson has lived off the grid for most of his life and doesn’t know a lot about technology.  Stetson hasn’t had much exposure to mass media and the LA culture.

Think Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies sitcom and self-help guru Tony Robins.

You really can’t cast Stetson Roundy without thinking about the Beth Comstock character.  There will be a cold detente between these two characters in season one and then they will warm up to each other.

Luke has an impressive resume:

Luke Hemsworth is known for his work on Infini (2015), Kill Me Three Times (2014) and The Anomaly (2014). Of course you can’t help but mention that his is the older brother of Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth.

Other actors that are still in the running:



Jesse Bradford


Kip Pardue


Matt Lanter


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Experience Episode 1.  Remember the laugh track is in your imagination.